Our 2nd of ESO students designed some exciting “escape room” games and invited their classmates to play.

Here you can read their opinions:

We think that we did a great job and it was good team work. We learned a lot of words of vocabulary  for example: necklace, thief, key…The idea of preparing an escape room is good to learn more English and spend time with your friends because it is funny. 🙂                                     LAURA, LARA, ALBA, PAULA & MIRIAM

It was a very funny and interesting activity. We learned some things, for example, new words in English like, clue, war, gum…We chose to do the escape room because it’s an activity to make people think and it’s exciting to escape.                        GUILLEM, SALMA, ADRIÀ & IBTISSAM

Click here to see how they explain what is the game about

Following this link you can watch some players’ opinions!

And their own opinions about the project 😉


Halloween at Oms i de Prat

To mark the passing of Halloween, the students from the 2nd Eso classes prepared a number of short Halloween stories to present to the primary school children. Stories were adapted depending on the age group to which they were being delivered.
Cicle Inicial students made puppets to represent different Halloween characters featured in the stories, 3rd Primary students made ingredients for a magic potion and 4th Primary students memorised a magic spell to accompany their stories. Cicle Superior students completed quizes designed by the 2nd Eso students to test their comprehension of the performances.
You can watch a slide with some pictures of the various performances:

You can watch a video of 6B

You can watch a video of 5B

You can watch a video of 5A

We hope you enjoy them!!!