Let it snow

This Christmas we decided to choose a theme for our Craft. We chose to make a different snowman with every grade that receives english classes. The result of these hard work is something you can enjoy by watching the following pictures:


Christmas craft 6th Grade
Christmas craft 5th Grade
Christmas craft 4th Grade
Christmas craft 3rd Grade
Christmas craft 2nd Grade
Christmas craft 1st Grade
Christmas craft EI-5

Aren’t they great??? 

We wish you will have a great Christmas holidays with those who you love the most! See you back the 11th of January and LET IT SNOW!!!

🙂 Teresa and Montse 🙂


Our doors were a great success

All the classes from Primary enjoyed the Halloween doors the boys and girls of 5th and 6th Grade made. They liked them so much that we decided to take a picture of the whole class with it! Here you can see them all!


1st Grade A
1st Grade B


2nd Grade A
2nd Grade B

3rd Grade B
3rd Grade A


4th Grade A
4th Grade B


5th Grade A
5th Grade B


6th Grade A
6th Grade B